Joan Robins

Wildlife photography found me many years ago and is now a full-fledged obsession.

For over twenty years, I’ve explored the nooks and crannies in nearby mountains, fields, and ponds, both locally and abroad. I’ve photographed the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, Jaguars in Brazil, Lions and Leopards in Africa, Polar Bears in Manitoba as well as Bald Eagles along the Sacramento River in California and Flathead Lake in Montana. I've captured Bushtits and Ruby-crowned Kinglets along the paths at the Indian Fisheries, Osprey at Black Butte Lake, and Sandhill Cranes at dawn at Llano Seco.

Over the years, I’ve studied animal and bird behavior and adjusted my own habits to match theirs--up before dawn to capture the morning light. The beauty of the natural world never loses its allure and nothing delights me more than sharing it with others. If  my images move even one person to help save our planet, I will have accomplished my mission on earth.

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