• Ken Cohen

    on October 4, 2006

    Joan, your narrative captured the spirit of the day. It was really great to see what you edited some of the photos from. Great closeups of the Sharpie during the demonstration. You caught his desire to fly free.

  • Steve Wolfe

    on September 21, 2006

    You really get the feel ---and thoughts--for the day with your pics and captions, Joan. Everything flows exactly as they occurred. And thanks for being our "up-close-and-personal" Sharpie correspondent! Ah...time spent with good friends, an education in raptors, and spectacular views; to me, life doesn't get much better.

  • LaRee

    on September 19, 2006

    Fantastic Joan. That Sharp Skinned Hawk is incredible looking up close. I love the Turkey Vulture on the warning sign too.

  • John-Reed

    on September 19, 2006

    Love 'em, Joan! You got much closer to the banded Sharpie than I did for the uncanny view. I couldn't get a lens in edgewise with all the people around.